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The global fashion industry is unsustainable

and we are here to change it 

The apparel industry alone accounts for 6.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to about 3.3 billion metric tons of CO2-eq.

If a business-as-usual scenario prevails, the apparel industry’s impact will steadily rise over the next 15 years, reaching a projected 49% increase in climate change impact by 2030. 

At, we are committed to offering companies alternative textile merchandise that are made sustainably and fairly to ensure the long-term well-being of the planet and for all of us living on it.



Contributor to Climate Change

A contributor to the climate change problem

More than 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions come from 3 stages - Fibre Production, Yarn Preparation and Dyeing & Finishing.

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The climate change impact estimates over time across the three main life cycle stages show an upward trend.

Carefully selected materials and partners with their environmental impact in mind

At, we make merchandise for you using a blend of sustainable fabrics. Here are a few examples of some of the environmentally progressive fabrics that we use in our products. Whether it is organic cotton, recycled polyester, or seaweed; you can feel good about how your product is made, and what it is made with!

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Recycled polyester is made from recycled materials (PET and polyester fabrics). By choosing recycled polyester, we’re able to deliver the same technical performance in fibers with a smaller environmental footprint.

MB-material-Cotton Recycled.png


Recycled cotton fabrics can be made from old garment or textile leftovers. It reduces the use of virgin cotton and thus leads to significant reduction in water, carbon dioxide and other impacts from cotton farming. 

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Fishing nets recovered from the seas can be recycled into nylon yarn. Recycled nylon also reduces energy and water consumption as it requires half of the industrial processes compared to conventional chemical processes.

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Sustainably harvested seaweed and wood are used to create a completely biodegradable fibre. The antioxidants and other beneficial elements in the fibre interacts with the skin to provide a greater sense of wellbeing.

MB material-Organic Cotton.png


Organic cotton is grown using responsible methods and materials with low impact on the environment. It saves water and does not use pesticides, insecticides or herbicides that are harmful to the farmers and us the consumers.

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Lyocell is one of the greatest fibres. It is 100% biodegradable and comes from eucalyptus trees, which are fast-growing, require no pesticides or insecticides, and need one-fifth of the land to make the same amount of fabric as cotton. 

And, here are some of the official quality and ecological responsibility certifications that awarded to the fabrics and the partner facilities that works with.

Materials and Partners
Product Groups

Product Groups

We cater to both customers who are looking for ready-made styles and customers who require sustainable merchandise items that are tailored to their specific needs.


Sustainable and high quality merchandise, corporate wear and uniforms that combine functionality with style and the assurance that they have been responsibly produced.


Sustainable and ethically produced towels, bathrobes, bedding accessories and napkins to give your company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) a boost.


Dreaming of owning your own line of sustainable merchandise? We can work together with you at various levels, from design to sourcing to production to make that a reality.


Even the accessories like caps, hats, scarves and bags can be made using sustainable materials and produced ethically.

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100% Recycled Textiles

At Pure Waste textiles, we make ecologically sustainable 100 % recycled yarns, fabrics and ready-made garments. Our products are entirely made out of recycled textile waste and offer the consumer the same quality and comfort as those made out of virgin materials.


We understand that there are times when you face time pressure and need the merchandise fast. So we have ready-made styles for you. Be it small or large quantities, you will receive merchandising products from well-known sustainable brands with your individual look flexibly and quickly.

Ready-made Styles

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